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As stated in the RFP#2022-001 invitation, documents will be available for download on April 29th, 2022 at 5:00pm.

Exhibit A-1 - Aerial Map of NSRR (Showing Parcels 1, 2, and 3)

Exhibit A-2 - Map of Zones for NSRR Property

Exhibit A-3 - Map of Project Property

Exhibit A-4 - Map of Existing Tenants

Exhibit A-5 - Map of ROTFU Districts (Zoning)

Exhibit A-6 - Map of Environmental Restrictions​

Exhibit B - Bidder Registration Form

Exhibit C-1 - Legal Requirements

Exhibit C-2 - Proposal Certification Form

Exhibit C-3 - Proposed Consideration Form

Exhibit C-4 - Local Redevelopment Authority Request for Proposal Regulation

Exhibit C-5 - Marlin's Sailing School Lease Agreement

Exhibit C-6 - Pure Adventure Lease Agreement

Exhibit C-7 - Asociación de Reservistas Guardias Nacionales y Veteranos Nautas Lease Agreement​

Exhibit D - 2014 Development Zones Master Plan

Exhibit E-1 - Deed of Ratification Conversion Public Instrument Quitclaim Deed CDR 3(SWMU 74 Port)

Exhibit E-2 - Deed of Ratification Conversion Public Instrument Quitclaim Deed CDR 5(AOC F1995)

Exhibit E-3 - FOSL Parcel III (SWMU 60, 74D, 74 Hill S4)

Exhibit E-4 - Lease in Furtherance of Conveyance between the USA and LRA (LIFOC)

Exhibit F-1 - Station Map CAD dwg

Exhibit F-2 - Repair of Marina Piers Plans

Exhibit F-3 - Bathymetry Survey 1991 and 2017

Exhibit F-4 - Subzone A3 CAD dwg

Exhibit F-5.1 - SWMUs at Subzone A3 CAD dwg​

Exhibit F-5.2 - AOSs at Subzone A3 CAD dwg

Exhibit F-6 - Zoning at Subzone A3 CAD dwg

Exhibit G - Proforma Statement

Exhibit H-1 - 2014 Special Plan ROTFU (in Spanish)

Exhibit H-2 - Excerpts of Portions of 2014 Special Plan ROTFU (in English)

Exhibit H-3 - 2014 Zoning Map ROTFU

Exhibit I-1 - Infrastructure Potable Water

Exhibit I-2 - Infrastructure Sanitary Water

Exhibit I-3 - Infrastructure Power Lines

Exhibit K-1 - Ocean Conservancy Good Mate Manual

Exhibit K-2 - Sailors for the Sea Green Boating Guide​