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about Roosevelt Roads

A community for everyone.

Mission & Vision

The LRA's mission is to promote the full redevelopment of its lands and facilities, in collaboration with the communities and the private sector. Also, the LRA seeks to create jobs and promote the economic growth in the eastern region of Puerto Rico to counteract the effects of the closure of the former base in 2004. Consequently, the LRA’s vision is to transform Roosevelt Roads into a new destination where investment can happen in order to promote a multiuse development, where commercial spaces are integrated, as well as residential areas. For the LRA it is imperative to promote development within a framework of sustainability and resilience, creating opportunities that allow community integration.

In tune with this vision, the LRA has created a work plan, recognizing the importance of establishing and implementing a modern infrastructure (potable water, sanitary infrastructure, sustainable electrical grid, as well as paved roads). This will make Roosevelt Roads a more attractive place as a destination for investment and development opportunities. All these efforts are consistent with the public policy established by the Governor, with the designation of Roosevelt Roads as a priority reconstruction project for the Administration.